When travelling as a diplomat or when just travelling abroad period. The only and must have tool for any diplomat is a Global SIM Card. As with many other countries and specifically in Iraq, many of our mobile lines are Pre-Paid, and for the lines that are Post-Paid; carry set limits of usage in Dollars or Dinars based on the deposit/retainer you left on your account.

As such you can be travelling somewhere, making an important phone call and out of no where, poof in the middle of your conversation the call disconnects. The person you are calling will most likely not call you back, because quite frankly “you are calling him to get directions” and the number displayed on his screen looks expensive to call back.

What are you to do? Go search for a place that offers free wifi so you can call back home and get someone to transfer credit into your account, What if you don’t find a place. What are you to do?

So before I began my travels this time I did my research, and found many global SIM providers. I narrowed it down to these two that offered the best rates and services.


1st Choice: Know Roaming Sim Card – (www.knowroaming.com) (MY CHOICE)
This is the SIM Card that I purchased and the people at KnowRoaming were very kind and offered me almost 15$ in free vouchers and an extra SIM Card to give to a friend or family member. From my experience their Support was excellent and answered emails within the hour. And a toll free number was also available but I never used it.

The other thing which was also great is that I did not need to change Sim Cards every time I travelled and with SIM Cards getting smaller I cannot tell you how many times I lost them. From my iPhone I can know switch between my Home Sim and Know Roaming SIM with one click, or set it to work automatically.

Its a sticker that you apply on your SIM Card and voila you have two SIM Cards in one phone.

What I received in the Mail

– Great Rates to many countries with the Call Back feature you dial the number and it call you back to connect the call (Works even with no internet)

– Great App that lets you check your balance, add funds via credit card, check your voicemail, view rates and actual usage on each call, it also allows you to choose the number you want to show up on caller ID, it will allow me to show my Iraq number with no worries.

IMG_6553 IMG_6551  IMG_6550 IMG_6548

– No VOIP App but who needs it if you have Viber, Facetime, Skype etc.

– It uses something so futuristic I did not know existed, a sticker SIM Card that allows you to use your HOME SIM or KnowRoaming Sim at a time without switching SIM cards

– Great reviews


2nd Choice:  One Sim Card (www.onesimcard.com)
Was a nice choice but due to many mixed reviews made me stay away from it, but below are some many good points:

– Free Incoming Calls to over 160 countries (But they need to call you on the Estonia Country Number that they provide you with, US and UK numbers are free for 1 month, and $3 extra per month plus per minute charges of 20 cents I believe)

– Free VOIP app that will work on the same number at crazy low rates at 2 cents a minute

– Free Voicemail with email delivery

– App to add funds and check balances of your account

– 24/7 support

– Had mixed reviews  but at the end of the day, One SIM is only responsible for their support, as in essence you are roaming on networks of the country you are travelling to and not ONE SIM network if it had one.

– If you do not care about people calling you a ESTONIA number then I think this would be the Best choice, nothing beats FREE Incoming Roaming calls.


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